Frequently asked questions

What is the experience of the Blu Room® like? +

The Blu Room® is a new environment so the experience varies from person to person because we are each individuals. It bumps you into a different part of your brain and opens a door for a new mind perspective. Many people have described it as being deeply relaxing, lifting their mood, and bringing about a state of calmness, peace and detachment. Some people experience dynamic shifts in perspective and spiritual insights since the mind plays an important role and is inextricably intertwined with DNA. Some simply enjoy a break in their daily routine to refresh themselves. The experience will be different from time to time and from one person to another.

Is the Blu Room® safe? Can I get “sunburned”? +

The Blu Room® experience is designed to be a safe exposure to the atmosphere of the Ultraviolet. As in any experience in a new environment, it takes a while for the individual to adapt. For example, in learning to SCUBA dive, the training starts slow and simple. We do advise people about the cautions related to UVB exposure, which are minimized by the structure and duration of the Blu Room® sessions.

What do I need to know before a session in the Blu Room®? +

Avoid wearing perfume or essential oils

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment

Using UVB eye protection is mandatory. You can borrow or purchase a pair of goggles from Univers Bleu’ staff.

If you take any medication, you will have to consult with your pharmacist prior to using the Blu Room® to find out about the possibility of photosensitivity. You need to mention to your pharmacist the proximity of the NB UVB lights to the body which is from 45 to 50 inches, that the exposition varies between 3 to 9 minutes and that you will remain dressed during the session.

You have to remove your shoes, belt or any other metal object on your body before you enter the Blu Room® (metal fastener, metal zipper on clothing are acceptable). Every electronic device needs to be turned off before entering the Blu Room®.

What do I wear in the Blu Room®? Do I need to undress? +

The Blu Room® is not a tanning device. Most people wear their regular clothing. Wear whatever is comfortable for you. You do not need to undress. If you find the room temperature a bit cool, a blanket will be available.

What to expect for the first session in the Blu Room®? +

The length of the session is 20 minutes. You will be invited to lie down on a bed and to stay there until the end. Once the session begins, the NB UVB lights will be lit up for three minutes and turned off for the remainder, but a light will be kept on inside the room. A specifically chosen music for the Blu Room® will play for the entire duration. If you prefer silence, please mention it to the staff before entering the room.

What will happen at the end of session in the Blu Room®? +

A staff member will knock on the door and welcome you back to indicate that your 20 minute session is complete. Exit the Blu Room® promptly. You will then be invited to go to the transition area to take a few moments to give your body time to readjust.

How many sessions do you recommend for a customer? +

For customers interested in optimizing personal goals, a weekly session is recommended but some customers are finding value at twice or three times per week. However, a minimum of 24 hours between each session is mandatory.

Are there any restrictions concerning the use of the Blu Room®? +

There are no restrictions. Parents with children may take the child in and have a session together. The lower age limit depends on whether the child will tolerate the eye protection. From the age of 12 on, parents may choose to allow them to have Blu Room® sessions alone.

We do limit sessions with children to only three minutes with UV lamps on and the remaining time, with the lamps off since children do not need much to change their state of mind. There is also no upper age limit.

The Blu Room® is easy to enter and to exit, and the staff will be happy to assist.

Is the Blu Room® wheelchair accessible? +

If you can lift yourself out of your chair and into your bed, you will likely be able to lift yourself onto the bed inside the Blu Room®.

What is the cost for a session in the Blu Room®? +

Adult is 65$ and Child is 32.50$.

Are there discounts for children? +

Yes. Children under 12 years of age receive a 50 percent discount.

Is the Blu Room® covered by insurance? +

No. The Blu Room® is not a medical device and is not a form of therapy.